LaserCut Standard

Laser cutting machine


Based on gantry coordinate system and fiber laser IPG Photonics, laser cutting machines LaserCut FO Standard provide a cost-effective and high-performance solution for Small & Medium Enterprise. Being cost-competitive to solid-state laser machines, LaserCut FO Standard ensures higher performance capacity, as well as time-saving and inexpensive maintenance.

Unimach machinery is produced in St Petersburg using our own components.

Standard equipment

  • Rigid all-welded heat-treated machine bed with subsequent machining
  • Gantry coordinate system
  • Light-weight composite portal
  • High precision guides, integrated feedback
  • Servo drive, axes X, Y
  • Zoned smoke exhaust system
  • Ytterbium fiber laser IPG Photonics
  • Cooling system water / air (chiller)
  • Focus length control system FoCut
  • Laser optical head with automatic drive of focus lens LH-105
  • Control console UM-102 (IP65, industrial LCD 19", stationary control panel, pull-out keyboard)
  • Software UniCut
  • 3-gas console
  • SPTA kit
  • Commissioning works and personnel training
  • The price depends on the laser power

Main features


LaserCut FO Standard fiber lasers represent some undeniable advantages compared to other types of lasers. First of all, the lasers do not require any maintenance as they are located in the entirely sealed body. This excludes any contamination and allows our customers to cut down costs on high-skilled service staff and consumables. Secondly, fiber lasers are the most reliable among the existing ones. Their operating lifetime exceeds a decade. Finally, an output emission of fiber laser has a high quality and stabile beam parameters. In addition to the above, the laser is ideal for cutting highly-reflecting materials, such as latten, aluminium, copper, galvanized and stainless steel, and making metal engraving.

Beam delivery

A beam is delivered by a fiber-optic path without mirrors minimizing an amount of necessary consumables. The fiber system is absolutely reliable; its lifetime can be compared to the laser itself.

Arrangement and design

Unimach® pays special attention to the arrangement and design of the equipment. All parts (laser unit, cooling unit, automation cabinet, etc.) are combined in one complex which leads to saving valuable meters of production facilities, perfect organizing of production operations and increasing reliability of the laser cutting machine. To provide additional comfort all external connections are carried out from one side. Edgy industrial design outlines the whole production process.

Machine bed

The machine bed is an all-welded structure with subsequent machining. It combines a high accuracy of production, rigidity, reliability and long life.

Smoke exhaust system

Standard equipment includes zoned smoke exhaust system.

Cooling system

LaserCut Standard is equipped with the water / air cooling system (chiller) providing a perfect solution for machine cooling and reducing expenses for water consumption.

Gas supply system

It’s crucial to ensure that gas blowing of the cutting area maintains the constant pressure during metal cutting. We offer a perfect solution - pneumatic system of LaserCut FO Standard which operates with the maximum pressure of 20 atm. Such pressure is ideal for cutting nonferrous metals and reaching the highest quality of a cut edge. LaserCut FO Standard can be optionally equipped with an automatic gas console with a CNC integrated interface which provides a remote control of gas inlets and gas pressure in the cutting area, and monitors the current system status. The console controls switching of a cutting gas type and sets its pressure automatically if materials are selected from the Library.

UniCut software

User-friendly and functional software plays a crucial role when operating the cutting machine. The software is an instrument which an Operator uses to control the machine, prepare and upload programs, provide settings of the modules.

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Main specifications

Emission source
Type Ytterbium fiber laser
Power, W 1000-2000
Model of laser Maximum thickness *
IPG 1000W ≈ 10 mm
IPG 1500W ≈ 14 mm
IPG 2000W ≈ 16 mm

* - The listed thicknesses are the maximum for cold rolled steel (Ст3ПС), oxygen blowing, not demanding for quality and cutting burr.

General specifications
Model LaserCut Standard FO3015
Processing area, mm 3000x1500
Weight (max), kg 4200
Max load to table, kg 1000
Overall dimensions (mm)
Length 4380
Width 2610
Height 2135
Positioning accuracy in all axes, mm ±0,1
Accuracy of repetition, mm ±0,05
Speed and acceleration
Speed of free movement along the axes X, Y, Z, m/min synchronously up to 120
Vector acceleration / deceleration along the axes X, Y, Z up to 2 G
Linear axes
Axis Х Servo drive zero backlash gearbox, precision rack gear
Axis Y Servo drive zero backlash gearbox, precision ball screw
Axis Z Servo drive with encoder, additional tracking feedback, precision ball screw

* - Accuracy depends on the workpiece type, preprocessing, sheet size and position at the working area. According to standard VDI/DGQ 3441 measurement length complies with 1 m.

Overall dimensions of the machine

Control console UM-102

Control console

Control console is a separate dust-proof console equipped with an LCD to represent operating data. All controls and LEDs are located on the panel in front of the operator; such layout allows an operator to react within the shortest time and prevent any possible errors. To provide additional comfort the console has special drawers to store consumables or working tools.

CNC console is equipped with two USB ports to connect flash drives or download drawings and programs. A LAN port to integrate a machine to general manufacturing system is located on the back panel.

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UniCut software

User-friendly UniCut software is a proprietary development of our company. To simplify and optimize cutting process UniCut provides the special functions such as pause, back move along the contour, quick transition to any piercing, quick change of piercing point, cutting can be initiated from any point of contour, etc.

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Control operations from your workplace using one program

All control interfaces of the machine units are integrated in one program. All cutting machine modules can be controlled from one workplace to provide additional comfort.

Individual settings for laser piercing, engraving and cutting

Laser piercing, engraving and cutting modes can be set individually before the cutting process. There’s no need to stop the process in order to change or enter the new settings. Switching among the modes occurs automatically leading to higher production capacity of the cutting machine.

Laser power can be controlled depending on the speed

To reach higher quality of sharp and right angles laser power can be controlled automatically depending on the speed of the optical head. At the zero speed (at the moment of stop at the corner) output power equals to minimum power configured in the settings which prevents a corner’s burnout.

Library of materials

UniCut software includes the Library of materials, where a user can find recommended settings for particular materials or use a special function to create new ones.

Automatic program creation

UniCut software can help you to create a cutting program quickly and intuitively, in a few clicks. The program automatically detects nested contours and calculates the most optimal travels. This function is useful for small enterprises that are dealing both with small batches and a wide range of products.

User-friendly interface

Provide the settings quickly using our user-friendly graphic interface. Graphic data is easier to percept than endless lines of digits, it saves your time and makes workplace’s atmosphere more comfortable.

Maintenance timers

Software maintenance timers help to provide technical maintenance on schedule indicating time to replace consumables. The software automatically calculates working hours for the machine units and notifies an operator about the required service.

Production statistics

UniCut software automatically calculates time for workpiece processing, beneficial use of materials, number of parts. Software represents a function of cut-out parts calculator. Received data significantly simplify cost calculations, e.g., calculations for third-party orders, costing production.

Remote diagnostics

Remote diagnostics of system malfunction (through the Internet) makes it possible to reduce downtime of the machine and cut down off-site expenses concerned with wrong settings of the equipment.

Operator’s log

Working objectives can be assigned and controlled remotely from the operator’s workplace reducing paperwork and setting objectives through the network. That helps to organize working process more efficiently because systematization (materials, priority, product) is done automatically in this case.

Intuitive and user-friendly software

Simple and intuitive UniCut software saves time of staff training: a mid-level specialist can be quickly taught some basic operations with the machine. The work of mid-level specialist will cost less than a highly-skilled professional resulting in the lower product cost. Software also allows for monitoring and control of tracking system, cooling system, laser and log of module operation data. Free updates.

UniCut mainframe window

Focus length control system FoCut

Automatic tracking system Focut of our machines controls a stabile position of an optical head with precision of 0.1 mm within the wide range of heights. It ensures precise cutting both on the workpiece edge and highly deformed metal sheet. Learn more

The system includes the following capabilities:

Jump up piercing. At the moment of piercing an optical head is uplifted to the specified height preventing the nozzle from contamination by the melted metal. Then the further cutting is carried out from the specified focus length. This method helps to use the consumables - a nozzle and protective glass - efficiently and avoid possible errors or malfunction.

Fly cutting (without stopping to pierce the material). This method crucially reduces the time for processing thin sheets as the machine cuts all contours which are located along one line (and not each separate pattern). An optical head moves all over the workpiece cutting the contours of the relevant area. This function is perfect for cutting perforated grilles.

Pre-heating of the cutting area. Cutting thick material requires pre-heating. An optical head uplifts at the height set by an operator and heats the cutting area; then the optical head goes down and cuts the material.

Shortened height. While moving from one piercing point to another an optical head is not uplifted to the maximum height; it is lifted at the shortened height, therefore saving time and increasing the efficiency of the machine.

Automatic calibration of the optical head. Automatic calibration system ensures calibration at every piercing point. This function maintains high quality even when cutting the strongly deformed metal.

Graph display of dynamic and operating parameters. A graph is a convenient, simple and time-saving way to estimate operation of tracking system and detect errors.

Focus length control system FoCut also allows for processing non-metallic materials.


  • Control

    Wireless remote control UNIMACH

    Wireless remote control allows an Operator to do the most common operations from any place: start and stop, back travel along the contour, increasing / decreasing the focus length, upload speed change, machine and workpiece zero point. Learn more

    Wireless remote control UNIMACH
  • Gas control

    Automatic 4-gas console

    2 gases up to 10 atm, 2 gases up to 20 atm. An operator can control cutting gas switching and pneumatic system from the CNC console. If the material is selected from the Library a type of cutting gas and pressure are set automatically.

    Automatic 4-gas console


    Compressor Atlas Copco (Belgium). Rotary screw, air cooling, silencer hood, receiver, dryer and a set of additional equipment for air cutting up to 16 atm.


    Vertical cryogenic liquid cylinder

    An alternative to conventional gas bottles if increased gas consumption occurs (e.g., stainless steel cutting), volume – 210 l. Operation time on one fueling is equal to operation time of 40 standard (40 l) cylinders.

    Vertical cryogenic liquid cylinder
  • Safety

    Operator’s safety glasses

    Direct, reflected and scattered laser beam can damage operator’s eye sight and even cause blindness. Special operator’s glasses will help to protect eye sight from negative impact.

    Operator’s safety glasses

    Laser barrier to protect staff

    Prevents staff from entering potentially hazardous areas during machine operation. If the safety border is crossed, the barrier stops the machine operation

    Laser barrier to protect staff
  • Smoke exhaust

    Exhaust ventilator

    Removes combustion gases while cutting operations. Efficiency 6000 m3/h

    Exhaust ventilator

    Filter – ventilating unit AFU-8

    Filter – ventilating unit AFU-8 filters air from dust, solid particles and smoke after during welding, soldering, thermal cutting of metals and other production operations. Learn more

    Filter – ventilating unit AFU-8
  • SPTA kit

    Extended SPTA kit for 12 months of operation

    Includes a set of components which require regular replacement, providing minimum 12 months of operation.

    Extended SPTA kit for 12 months of operation
  • Additional options

    Barcode scanner

    Bluetooth barcode scanner Unimach Scanner increases speed and efficiency of operator’s work.

    Barcode scanner


  • Shuttle tables

    Manual shuttle table, independent pallet change

    Using a shuttle table an Operator can easily and safely place the processed material outside the cutting area and prevent the machine from potential damage. The table is equipped with two pallets which are alternately moved to the working area. This system provides loading / unloading of workpieces without stop of operation which greatly increases the productivity.

    This solution enables to save on automatic system which holds the pallets at the same height. Electric magnets securely fix the cutting table preventing it from displacement. The working area is moved manually which significantly reduces the price of the machine. The pallets are transported to the cutting area independently.

    Manual shuttle table, independent pallet change
  • Tube cutting


    The module allows for cutting tubes along the length, cutting out holes of any complexity, grooves, engraving.

    Steady rest for shaped and round tubes TCM-Expert ensures:

    • cutting of shaped tubes shall fit in a square clamp min 20х20 mm, max 150х150 mm, max length 6000 mm and max weight 700 kg
    • cutting round tubes, diameter min 20 mm, max 250 mm, max length 6000 mm and max weight 700 kg

    Clamping chuck ensures holding, centering, rotation and accuracy of processing.

    Automatic loading of tubes as well as unloading of workpieces and their assorting are available due to the high level of automated operations.

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    Modules for tube cutting ensures cutting tubes along the length, cutting out holes of any complexity, grooves, engraving.

    Steady rest for shaped and round tubes TCM-Professional ensures:

    • cutting of shaped tubes shall fit in a square clamp min 20 mm, max 150х150 mm, max length 6000 mm (working 3000 mm) and max weight 300 kg.
    • cutting round tubes, diameter min 20 mm, max 250 mm, max length 6000 mm (working 3000 mm) and max weight 300 kg.

    Clamping chuck ensures holding, centering, rotation and accuracy of processing.

    Special fly wheels enable to adjust the module depending on the tube size.

    Additional module allows for cutting tubes with max length 6000 mm. The tube loading is carried out manually, which significantly reduces the price of module.

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    The module for round tube cutting allows for cutting round-section tubes for the required length, cutting out holes of any complexity, grooves, engraving. Clamping chuck ensures holding, centering, rotation and accuracy of processing. Roller bed system supports the tubes in the required position.

    The modules are available with two types of holders:

    • round tube diameter min 20 mm, max 250 mm, max length 3000 mm;
    • round tube diameter min 40 mm, max 320 mm, max length 3000 mm.

    Special fly wheels enable to adjust the module depending on the tube size. The tube loading is carried out manually, which significantly reduces the price of module.

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