Comparison of press brakes

Electromechanical drive of Unimach press brakes creates work effort without application of hydraulic systems. Smooth and equal distribution of effort is provided by unique patented drive system of upper beam. A balanced combination of powerful drives, fixed and moving rollers paired with special belts allow for reaching high operational efficiency and reliability.


  • Full electric drive;
  • Noiseless operation;
  • No disadvantages of classic hydraulic C-Frame;
  • 30% more efficient;
  • Energy saving up to 50%, low CO2 emission;
  • No hazardous hydraulic oil;
  • Low operating costs;
  • Back gauge along the whole operating lengths;
  • No need in bending compensation system (still available option on customer’s demand).

Unimach machinery is produced in St Petersburg using our own components.

Select press brakes for comparison

  • UniServo 1600-60
  • UniServo 2050-80
  • UniServo 2550-100
  • UniServo 3100-100
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