for machines and FVU

We maintain immediate availability of consumables and components both for the machines produced and those out of production. We will supply all required consumables in 24 hours enabling your equipment to work non-stop.

For machines


  • Focus lens F=150mm, d25
  • Focus lens F=150mm, d38
  • Focus lens F=200mm d38
  • Focus lens F=300mm
  • Collimator lens FL30.100
  • Collimator lens FL25.60

Protective glass

  • Protective glass 26.6*5
  • Protective glass 38*9
  • Protective glass 40*4

Ceramic spacers

  • Ceramic spacer


  • Nozzle N1.08; N1.10; N1.12; N1.15; N1.17; N1.20; N1.25
  • Nozzle N2.08; N2.10; N2.12; N2.15; N2.17; N2.20; N2.25
  • Nozzle adapter


  • Cleaning wipes
  • Silicon spray
  • Cleanser
  • Compressed air cylinder 400ml
  • Lubricant for moving parts 1 kg
  • Lubricant for moving parts 0.4 kg
  • Fiberless cotton swabs
  • Serviceable gloves
  • Tracking cable
  • Bellows

For filter-ventilating units


  • Filter element for AFU-6/ AFU-8
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