Automatic tracking system FoCut

FoCut System

Integrated automatic tracking system FoCut has the highest performance in the market range. FoCut controls a stabile position of an optical head with precision of 0.05 mm within the wide range of heights. It ensures precise cutting both on the workpiece edge and highly deformed metal sheet.

High measurement speed (100 kHz) ensures the shortest response time of the tracking system.

The system includes the following capabilities:

  • Jump up piercing

    At the moment of piercing an optical head is uplifted to the specified height preventing the nozzle from contamination by the melted metal. Then the further cutting is carried out from the specified focus length. This method helps to use the consumables - a nozzle and protective glass - efficiently and avoid possible errors or malfunction.

  • Pre-heating of the cutting area

    Cutting thick material requires pre-heating. An optical head uplifts at the height set by an operator and heats the cutting area; then the optical head goes down and cuts the material.

  • Shortened height

    While moving from one piercing point to another an optical head is not uplifted to the maximum height; it is lifted at the shortened height, therefore saving time and increasing the efficiency of the machine.

  • Automatic calibration of the optical head

    This function ensures quick automatic calibration of the system at every start (without Operator’s control). Automatic calibration at every piercing point compensates change of metal properties while cutting (e.g., strong heating).

  • Graph display of dynamic and operating parameters

    A graph is a convenient, simple and time-saving way to estimate operation of tracking system and detect errors.

  • S-curve acceleration

    This function allows for reaching smooth travel speed of the optical head while maintaining the traveling dynamics. S-curve acceleration prevents from occurring self-oscillations while cutting thin materials and removes shock load of the optical head drive.

  • Digital collision sensor

    The system monitors the optical head’s deviation of the current position from the preset one. In case of collision or any other obstacle detected, it sends an alarm signal to the CNC and automatically uplifts the optical head to the top position.

Technical specifications of FoСut system:

  • sampling rate: 100 kHz;
  • positioning accuracy ±0.02 mm;
  • control of focus lens position;
  • service upper position of focus lens;
  • control of optical head drive, differential pair A+B (max frequency 500 kHz);
  • lens drive control, differential pair A+B (max frequency 500 kHz);
  • 3 differential discrete outputs for system status indication;
  • 3 differential discrete inputs for discrete system control;
  • system control and programming using UniNET network;
  • input to connect a feedback sensor (encoder) of optical head drive: differential pair A+B (max frequency 1 MHz);
  • input to connect a feedback sensor (encoder) of lens drive: differential pair A+B (max frequency 1 MHz).
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