Laser welding machine

Laser welding machine LaserWeld is a state-of-the-art development designed to ensure welding of all types - butt, corner, tee-butt, circumferential, etc. - and parts with poor fit-ups (using wire feeder).

Unlike conventional machines LaserWeld allows for welding workpieces of different thickness and materials which enables to avoid time-consuming and complicated readjustment. Application of fiber laser IPG ensures excellent performance and high quality welds without further processing.

Operating principle

Laser beam is delivered to weld seam by means of mirror optics causing heating, melting and evaporation of particles on the edge. Melted metal fills all defects and micro-roughness creating high density weld.

Point focus paired with its emission length allows for welding in hard-to-reach spots: inside hollows, corrugated structures, etc.

LaserWeld features

All-purpose machine

Laser welding machine LaserWeld has several modes: loop, dot, line and circle which significantly broadens the range of possible operations.

The machine is equipped with an automatic wire feeder to weld workpieces with rough edges. Wire is melting, mixing up with welding material and filling roughness and cavities of the workpiece edge.

Non-standard workpieces

Operations are no longer limited by size of surface. Manual gun allows for welding of long surfaces, hard-to-reach places and angle welding.

Minimum distortion

Stable and high quality weld. No heating of weld-affected zone.

High speed

Laser welding is 10 times faster than a conventional arc welding.

Easy maintenance

Minimum amount of consumables.

High ergonomics

Laser welding machine is easy to operate and readjust when material is changed. It can be also easily moved around the facilities.

Main technical data

General specifications
Power, W 1000; 1500; 2000
Wave length 1060 nm
Laser type continuous wave
Speed 120 mm/sec
Cooling system chiller
Operating temperature 15-35°С
Humidity <70%, no condensation
Root gap, mm ≤0.5
Weld thickness, mm 0.5-5
Voltage, V 380

Overall dimensions, mm

LaserWeld overall dimensions

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