Lean production system

Remote assignment of objectives

Working objectives can be assigned and controlled remotely from the operator’s workplace reducing paperwork and setting objectives through the network. That helps to organize working process more efficiently because systematization (materials, priority, product) is done automatically in this case.

Operator’s log

The module of setting and controlling objectives also allows for balancing the working load among the machines.

The operator’s log also represents the machine operation graph: cutting time, free running time, down time hours.

Productivity control UniControl (optionally)


The productivity control system UniControl monitors condition of the equipment and its general efficiency.

The system measures and processes production performance:

  • ready to operation;
  • sheet data and its parameters;
  • metal consumption;
  • production and waste / scrap;
  • warehouse assortment and other.

Wide range of manufacturing data simplifies control and increases efficiency of production facility.



Graph Assortment per day represents an amount of consumed metal in meters per type and day; this allows for defining the enterprise’s daily efficiency.



Window Statistics represents cutting machine statistics in hours / days. A user can always define operation time in hours per day (days per year), down-time hours due to waiting, error or settings. Total time of free-running is also displayed. Graph can be represented as a bar graph (per time period), pie chart (per time period), and pie chart per last shift.

Deviation from process mode


Graph Process mode deviation represents recommended and current cutting settings (materials and machine), and deviation percentage.

Condition of laser optical head


Graph Condition of laser optical head represents main parameters of optical head: pressure and cutting gas type; position of focus head; operating temperature of protective glass and nozzle, nozzle standoff. Supply of consumables can be also monitored (supply is almost over or urgent replacement is required).

Employees’ statistics


Graph Employees’ statistics represents total time and work intensity of each operator.

Supply of consumables and units


Window Supply of consumables represents the usage limit of consumables and units in percent, and shows the completeness of warehouse with spare parts.

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