Laser welding

Collaborative welding robot CoboWeld is designed for automatic high-precision laser welding of metal parts with the help of a robotic manipulator.

CoboWeld has combined the in-house development of Unimach – laser welding machine LaserWeld – and high-end equipment of Doosan Robotics – a collaborative robot (a cobot). Cobots are designed to work in close proximity to humans. Additional protective circuits stand out from other robotic manipulators and ensure safe human robot interaction.

CoboWeld is an optimal automation solution for a wide range of welding operations. Collaborative welding significantly improves production efficiency, welding precision, weld seam consistency and constant repetition. Great precision of the manipulator’s movement allows doing without further processing and perfectly welds complex contours.

Collaborative welding robot CoboWeld is designed for 24/7 industrial use and offers greater efficiency over the manual welding. Therefore, use of CoboWeld may perform 10 times increase of finished products output for the same time comparing to conventional welding techniques.

Our cobot performs welding in hard-to-reach places maintaining excellent welding quality. The machine is outfitted with an automatic wire feeder to process workpieces with irregular edges.

Main technical specifications

General specifications
Power, W 1000; 1500; 2000
Wavelength, nm 1060
Laser type Continuous
Speed, mm/s 120
Cooling system Chiller
Operating temperature, °С 15-35
Humidity <70%, free of condensate
Root gap, mm ≤0,5
Weld thickness, mm 0,5-5
Voltage, V 220
Load, kg 9
Reach, mm 2400
Operational zone, mm 2152
Repeatability, mm ±0,05
Quantity of axes 6
Joints speed [180 180 180 360 360 360] °/s

CoboWeld features

Safe interaction

Collaborative welding robot CoboWeld is considerably safe for humans, which makes it possible to use CoboWeld alongside operators without additional safety fencing. Integrated pressure sensors would immediately stop the manipulator if it meets an obstacle or barrier including a human body.

Quick installation

CoboWeld does not require mounting on any specific surface. Power supply voltage 220 V.

Utmost repeatability

Collaborative welding robot CoboWeld could work at an assembly line. The welding program ensures multiple constant repetition of a single contour with high accuracy. CoboWeld delivers consistent high quality weld for each workpiece.


Our cobot is compact, so it can be installed anywhere and quickly brought into operation.

Easy to use

Collaborative welding robot CoboWeld has a user-friendly intuitive interface so there is no need in additional long-term training. CoboWeld is portable and easy to adjust; it can be quickly moved around the production facilities. Special mode of Cobot software is able to memorize a sequence of operator’s actions and fully repeat them.

Potential applications

Owing to high performance, safety and easy handling CoboWeld operates with a wide range of welding products. Not only large-scale industries would benefit from compact design and quick installation of CoboWeld, but also Small & Medium Enterprise, for example:

  • low-volume production because of easy machine’s adjustment;
  • production of details that need welding in hard-to-reach places and almost inaccessible for conventional welding techniques;
  • welding of workpieces with a complex and irregular shape;
  • welding of workpieces with a longer, continuous weld seam.
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