Unimach - service

  • 24 months – warranty
  • 24 minutes – only takes remote diagnostics
  • 24 hours – and we send the consumables and components to you

Warranty service

Our reliable service centre provides a technical support and repairs your equipment during warranty and post-warranty time.


Personnel and maintenance trainings are held on the regular basis free of charge.


Our company provides a DTC service offering our customers time-saving troubleshooting, transparent and controllable support at every step.


Diagnostics and settings will help you to maintain the equipment’s working condition. Certified service engineers within the shortest time will provide you with professional help and carry out all necessary maintenance and repair works at your production facilities.

If your equipment can be tested remotely, the average diagnostics takes only 24 minutes!

To place a request for the diagnostics, please, fill in a form and send it to us by fax or e-mail.

Warranty service

We provide full range of service for the machine commissioning, warranty and post warranty service. All works are performed by certified service engineers who have received intensive training in Russia and abroad.

Service works include replacement of out-of-operation units and components, as well as different maintenance works and settings for the equipment.

We deliver consumables and components within 24 hours!

Electronic logbook

Electronic logbook is a convenient and time-saving way to get the information about your equipment:

  • list of the equipment, specifications and options
  • end of warranty date
  • downloads available for the particular machine, such as the certificate, operating manual, etc

You can access the electronic service book at any moment from any device logged on the internet. Get your login and password at our service center.

Service book
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