Laser cleaning machine

LaserClean – is a high performance and efficient laser cleaning machine based on IPG fiber laser. It allows for removing rust, oil spots, paint, oxides, epoxy resins and other contamination from the metal surface.

Non-contact cleaning technology of LaserClean - without any chemicals and surface and cover damage – enables to clean rough surfaces, hard-to-reach places and local zones.

Operating principle

Use of short pulses enables the laser to remove chemical compounds such as rust, dirt, paint coating, etc. leaving the surface clean and ready for further processing. Light pulses are so short that metal surface is not heated and deformed.

LaserClean Features

Non-contact cleaning

Mo mechanical impact or damage. No supplementary contamination, sand, dust, etc.

High accuracy processing

Galvanometric scanner as a part of laser cleaning gun ensures high accuracy of beam positioning. Depending on the technological goals an operator may adjust scanner beam length and width, and control percentage of laser power.

User-friendly operation

Our machine is easy to operate and does not require time-consuming personnel training. Just set several parameters and select laser power to readjust LaserClean. Save these parameters to use them afterwards as one of available operation modes.

No consumables

No consumables. Almost maintenance-free.

High mobility

Due to convenient design and small weight the machine may be easily moved around the production facilities and operated by one specialist only.

Main technical data

General specifications
Power 500 W
Wave length 1060 nm
Laser type pulse
Capacity * 12 m²/h
Cooling system air
Operating temperature 15-40°С
Maximum scan angle ±15°
Horizontal deviation 12 µrad
Vertical deviation 8 µrad
Input aperture 20 mm
Voltage 220 V

* - may differ depending on the material.

Overall dimensions

LaserClean overall dimensions

Laser cleaning in shipbuilding

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