Laser cutting machine

Laser cutting machine for shaped tubes LaserTube ensures high precision cutting of metal tubes both round and rectangular ones. Modular design allows for creating various solutions depending on the customer’s needs and demands.

Unimach machinery is manufactured in St Petersburg using our own components.

Available modules

  • module of automatic tube loading / unloading outside the cutting area;
  • module of automatic cut parts’ unloading / sorting / storage management;
  • automated tube support system;
  • module to process a bundle of tubes;
  • module combined with cabinet protection of cutting area.
Emission source
Type Ytterbium fiber laser
Power, W 1000, 1500, 2000, 3000, 4000, 6000
Electrical specifications
Max power consumption 14.6 kW
Power supply 380 VAC
Operating range (mm)
Tube outer diameter up to 250
Shaped tube size 175x175 or inscribed in a circle with a diameter of 250
Tube length 200 - 6300
Operating range (mm)
Length Width Height Weight
With cabinet protection 7170 2345 2360 6300
W/o cabinet protection 7110 1820 1840 4145
Axes parameters *
Positioning accuracy along the axes X, Z (mm/m) ±0.1
Positioning accuracy along the axes X, Z, mm ±0.05

* - Accuracy depends on the workpiece type, preprocessing, sheet size and position at the working area. According to standard VDI/DGQ 3441 measurement length complies with 1 m.

Travel parameters
Speed of free movement along the axes X, Z, m/min 30
Acceleration max 0.3 G
Axis parameters
Axis Х Servo drive with zero backlash gear. precision rack & pinion
Axis Y Linear drive, precision measurement scale
Axis Z Servo drive with zero backlash gear, additional tracking feedback, precision ball screw
Axis R Servo drive

Overall dimensions

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