IPG LightWELD 1500

Laser weld

Handheld welding system LightWELD 1500 is a universal solution for industrial segment by IPG Photonics – a leader in the area of high-power fiber laser production. The system is user-friendly, simple in operation, and enables to weld a wide range of metal thickness including ultrathin workpieces.

Compared to conventional MIG and TIG welding machines, LightWELD 1500 exponentially increases speed and quality of welding providing maximum efficiency and enhanced results without distortion, deformation, undercuts or burn-through. LightWELD 1500 products require almost no post-processing, significantly reducing their cost of production.

Owing to ongoing IPG innovations, high performance paired with small size and weight enables to increase output power and decrease form factor.

LightWELD features

High-speed welding

Compared to conventional welding, laser one is a lot faster, increases system performance and decreases production costs of finished parts.

Simple to operate

Intuitive control system does not involve long and expensive personnel trainings.

Rich Library of Modes

IPG experts have developed 54 modes for the majority of standard metals and thicknesses. Additional 20 user modes are provided for customized and more detailed settings.

Integrated beam oscillation system (Wobble)

Select of weld width (up to 5 mm) and oscillation frequency of output beam ensures high quality and allows for welding parts with poor edge fit-up.

Wide production capabilities

LightWELD processes materials with a wide range of thickness. Moreover, the system makes it possible to weld dissimilar metals and parts with poor fit-up.


Complex safety system is in charge of safe operation and reduces possibility of laser injuries. Handheld welding gun is equipped with 2-step trigger (Ready / Gas – Welding) and a sensor to control contact with the surface.

Main technical specifications

Laser power up to 1500 W
Peak power up to 2500 W
Wobble mode weld width up to 5 mm
Wobble frequency up to 300 Hz
Cooling system Air
Power supply 220 V AC
Frequency 50/60 Hz
Dimensions LхWхH 641 х 316 х 534 mm
Weight 53 kg


  • Air cooled main unit
  • Hand-held laser weld gun IPG with 5 m cable (10 m at option)
  • Ground terminal (4.5 m)
  • Protective glass
  • Operating and connection manual

Overall dimensions, mm

Overall dimensions LightWELD

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